Noble firs grow well here at the 1500ft. elevation with the cooler temperatures and abundant precipitation.  Nobles naturally have an open-layered look – ideal for hanging ornaments.  To maintain this characteristic and the unique form of each tree, annual shaping of each tree is done with hand pruners. 

Therefore a variety of width and density can be found amongst the trees which range from 3ft. tabletops to hard to find 12 footers.  Buyers are encouraged to visit the field to mark the trees that meet their tastes.  Small orders are welcome and are often combined with orders from other members within the Oregon Christmas Tree Growers Association.

As a small grower of nobles for over twenty years, I can assure you that each order is important  and gets my individual attention.  Trees are cut as close to the shipping date as possible to ensure maximum freshness.  The use of chemicals on the trees and soil are kept to a bare minimum – weeds are often hoed instead of sprayed – to maintain the natural checks and balances.