Selling Christmas Trees

So, you are thinking about selling Christmas trees. Whether as a fund raiser for a non-profit group or just to earn some extra money, whatever your reason, we can help you have a successful and profitable Christmas tree selling season.

You will want to determine how you will market the trees.  Consider what you will need for a retail lot; or will you be arranging to have trees pre-ordered by customers? You may also want to consider selling Christmas wreaths or garland plus having treats for the customers?  From shipping to selection to quantity, there are many things to consider. 

Most importantly, you will also need to develop a comprehensive business plan as this is the key component to your success.  Our instructional guide can help you. 

Just fill out the form below; and we’ll send you our paper with some of our ideas to consider as you plan to sell fresh, fragrant, farm grown Christmas trees this year!