Can gambling change lives? Definitely, yes. The history of casinos has known cases when visitors came to gamble for money and left the institution with huge winnings. One of the most famous of these cases is a game of roulette for money, which happened in the 20th century. Then casino roulette for money successfully became the object of enrichment of the man, who decided to put his entire fortune on the line. Moreover, he decided not to spin the roulette wheel for a long time, and immediately put it all on red. Just a few minutes later the roulette game did its job: he left the casino twice as rich. And what’s interesting – online roulette for real money is notable for an equally sound reputation. You can find this game at royal vegas flash, which you can learn more about here

Rules of the roulette game

You will see in front of you a playing field with a zoned bough for betting and a game drum with a spinning ball in it. The ball is launched to the opposite side of the spinning drum. Then it stops on one of the sectors. Does this sector fall under the parameters of your bet? The answer to this question and will determine the winnings. Of course, the casino roulette bet can be made not only on the number of those on the sectors of the reel. You can also choose the type of bet under which several sectors will fit. And even half of them. Actually, the bet in the casino with a probability of winning 1:1 and is the most popular. Especially bet on the color, because it is most easily perceived associative. This is logical because it offers the maximum opportunity to win. It is only necessary to take into account that the rules of roulette means a loss in case you bet on the color, but the zeroes fell out.

The same maximum probability of winning has a bet called even / odd. But this bet, along with the bet by color, has the most modest odds of winning – one to one. This also includes a bet large / small. Slightly higher variance have bets on columns, dozens, range of numbers. The most expensive bet is on a particular number. By the way, it is also possible to bet on zeros.

The gameplay of roulette live

So how does a live casino game work and what should you expect? Online roulette with live dealers, one of the most popular live casino games, is the perfect example. So, a live casino dealer is a real person who spins real roulette. Sometimes he even sits in a real gambling house and not in a live studio, but it doesn’t matter. The task of a casino with a live dealer is to give you an exact reproduction of the classic gameplay, only online. So, you see a live dealer live, and everything on the other side of the screen really happens in real time. The dealer, on the other hand, only sees your actions and your image at the table, but has no video link back to you.

Every bet you make and every raise you make is displayed on the dealer’s screen. Well, whether to share your emotions – you decide. To do this, there is an online chat room where you can write to the dealer, as well as other players. Perhaps the greatest socialization in a live casino is blackjack. While roulette can be played by an unlimited number of players, only up to 6 people can sit at the blackjack table. Playing blackjack at the casino, you will be taking a seat at a virtual table with other gamblers. This will maintain the classic sequence of moves and you’ll see the actions of your neighboring fans of chance. The dealer will communicate with each piece by piece and outline the overall picture at the table, which creates an indescribable atmosphere of overall fun. You can find a reliable casino to play at here