Decorating the house for Christmas and New Year helps to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the approaching holidays. Today the European style of Christmas decorations is again in fashion. In this article we will talk about some basic decorations that you should know about.

  1. Naturally, the main attribute of Christmas is the Christmas tree.  It is believed that the Christmas tree tradition was introduced by Martin Luther, who was the first to put the green beauty in his house. The Christmas tree, as an evergreen plant, is a symbol of eternal life, which God gives to every believer in Him. If you do not put a live tree in your home, there is a huge selection of artificial trees today. And the best way is to grow a tree in a container with a closed ground, which in addition to the ecological contribution will give you the opportunity to form a tree to your liking through regular pruning, save money and time for the annual purchase of a felled tree and, in addition, most of the year will serve as a living decoration of the balcony or terrace.
  2. At present it is fashionable to decorate Christmas trees with glass toys and elements of biblical symbolism. The most fashionable Christmas tree decorations today are considered to be angels, hearts, bells and trumpets symbolizing the Good News. Balls symbolize the apples from the tree of knowledge and the gifts of the magi to the little Christ. They on the tree can be complemented by other delicious products – candy, nuts, fruits. Excellent toys can be found at
  3. One should also not forget the various lights, without which it is difficult to imagine Christmas. Very good look garlands with microscopic shimmering lights. You can decorate not only the Christmas tree but the whole room with them, but do it with taste.
  4. If you do not put up a Christmas tree, you can make a festive Christmas basket.  Put fruit and berries, fresh flowers and branches of coniferous trees in the wicker basket. Decorate this splendor with “snow” from a spray can. You can bundle coniferous branches together with a wire and place them in the center of the composition. To make the needles last longer, put the ends of the branches in a small vessel with sweetened water.
  5. An obligatory attribute of Christmas is a festive coniferous wreath.  Such wreaths can be hung on walls and windows, but must be hung above the front door. The Christmas wreath above the door is an invitation for guests to enter your home, and also a symbol of wealth and family happiness.
  6. The bells have also been symbols of Christmas since ancient times.  The Christmas tradition of ringing the bells, singing and shouting at the same time, has been preserved to this day. The bells chime in churches all over the world. In this way people welcome the coming of Christ.
  7. Christmas candles are considered an additional symbol of the significance of Jesus as the Light of the World. In many countries, Christmas candles signify the victory of light over darkness. Candles on the tree of paradise gave birth to our favorite Christmas tree.
  8. Furnishings in red, green, white, blue, gold, and silver will enhance the Christmas color.  Tablecloths, bedspreads, napkins in these colors will bring the European Christmas flavor.

Naturally, no Christmas can do without gifts. On this day the magi brought their gifts to the Baby Jesus. Giving gifts to our neighbors we give them figuratively to the born Christ. Make a list of your neighbors and give them a Christmas gift. Let it be small, but remember that the most important thing is not cost, but your attention and feelings.