A fisherman’s quarter with a magnificent seafood market, the Old Town, impressive architecture, an ancient castle towering with its proud dominance, as if rivaling the mountains aspiring upwards, the warm, crystal clear sea, Blue Flag awarded beaches and just three hours by sea to Ibiza – sounds promising, doesn’t it? All this, and much more, awaits those who dare to meet Denia, one of the most charming parts of Spain.

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When it comes to cities on the Spanish south coast, it is often mentioned that spending time in such places is not only pleasant, but also very healthy thanks to the healing microclimate, which combines the benefits of sea air and coniferous phytoncides. Here we add the abundance of sun, and, therefore, so rare and necessary vitamin D, the freshest light and healthy seafood, the ability to regularly do the most effective exercises – swim in the sea. So it turns out that no matter what city on the South Coast of Spain was discussed – always mentioned the health benefits of staying in such a place. And it really is. But still, in Denia the microclimate is considered particularly favorable. The reason for this is the mountain massif of Montgo, which protects the city from strong winds, and the abundance of iodine in the air, which due to some circumstances here is especially abundant.

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Denia – when there’s no room for boredom

The distance from Alicante and Valencia to Denia is about the same, which in terms of time is equivalent to an hour by private transport, and a little more by public transport. This distance from the airports of both these resorts, as well as slightly higher prices than in neighboring resorts, due to the highest level of service and quality of local infrastructure, led to the fact that vacation in Denia is considered privileged. There are no bustling discos and crowds of tourists. And this is what fans of this place appreciate the most. And you can bring a relaxing holiday and a measured life of vibrant colours at any time by driving to Alicante or Valencia, or taking a fascinating trip to Ibiza or Mallorca. To the island of discos and hangouts – about 2h on the way by sea. To Mallorca – about 6-7h.

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Living or relaxing in Denia, you can not get bored. An abundance of events such as the festivals of “Holy Blood” and “Moors and Christians”, the holiday “Bus la Mar”, the Procession of the Three Magi, etc., a lot of architectural sights, exhibitions and museums – there is always something to go and do. Even an ordinary walk through the picturesque streets of the Old Town on any day of any season will be a great pleasure. The abundance of small cafes, bars and family establishments, cheerful faces of locals who seem to be eager to live with pleasure every moment – all this contributes to the most wonderful mood.

Denia, like thousands of years ago, lives and breathes with the beauty and wealth that nature has given her. Being in a beautiful place, this city has found a way to adapt to the new time and take the best from it, giving the best of itself in return. Perhaps the fate of the city named after the goddess Diana simply couldn’t have happened any other way.