As practice has shown, it became very profitable for small and medium companies to use IT outsourcing services, rather than hiring administrators and IT engineers. If you want to significantly optimize your workflow, the outsourcing company will help you.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is the transfer of functions for the administration of the company’s computer infrastructure. It includes maintenance of SCS (structured cabling systems), maintenance of computer equipment and peripherals, modernization, software configuration. It includes both remote administration and other useful features.

The widespread introduction of modern technologies into the business has led to the need to create IT departments in companies with developed computer infrastructure, which in turn has led to increased costs for their maintenance. To a greater extent, financial difficulties have fallen on the shoulders of small businesses. As a result, as practice has shown, it became very profitable for small and medium-sized companies to use IT-outsourcing services, rather than hiring administrators and IT engineers.

What includes the IT service

IT outsourcing is very flexible, can have a different set of services provided by it:

  1. The outsourcing company takes care not only of the computer maintenance, it solves absolutely all tasks of the IT infrastructure.
  2. The company-outsourcer can solve only part of the IT tasks, previously agreed with the Customer.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing

The company-outsourcer can solve only a part of IT tasks previously agreed with the Customer. To better understand how much this service is necessary and how it makes life easier, let’s list its main advantages in comparison with the content of the IT-department.

Financial advantages:

  • The contract is drawn up for a long period of time with a clearly specified amount, which allows planning the budget of the company.
  • Payment is made on the basis of the acts of work performed.
  • There is no need to spend the company’s funds on taxes from employee wages, no additional costs for vacations, sick leave, etc.
  • There are no expenses for organizing workplaces for employees, no additional expenses for rent.
  • Favorable conditions for buying office equipment and software.
  • Fast problem solving by qualified specialists, who ensure virtually uninterrupted work of the office even in critical cases.
  • Full control over consumables and their prompt delivery at the best prices.

Time advantages:

  1. Thanks to an experienced team and proven actions, the speed of action is achieved.
  2. An automated bidding system ensures the shortest possible response time.
  3. The HR department does not need to conduct time-consuming recruitment campaigns.
  4. There is no need to spend time on control and organization of the department’s work.
  5. There is no time loss in case of illness or vacation of employees.
  6. No problems with dismissal of key employees of the department and no need to retain, search for new employees and training.
  7. Shortening the time to find the right solution in complex, non-standard situations through the presence and use of Help Desk.
  8. Automatic recording of work and building reports for certain periods of time.
  9. Providing IT outsourcers with a clear plan of infrastructure development and methods of interaction.

Professional IT outsourcing is the reliability and stable operation of computer equipment of your company. Any malfunctions are eliminated in the shortest possible time. For this purpose you make one call or apply by mail, and experienced IT engineers solve the problem remotely, or organize a visit to your office. If you have complex tasks that you want to pass on to reliable professionals, then outsourcing can be an optimal solution.